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There are numerous factors that we take into consideration when assessing applicants for a Dave & Buster's franchise. To assist us in this process, we would like to get to know you better. Please review the following questions and answer them as best you can, stating all relevant experience. Once we receive your application a representative from Dave & Buster's will be in touch.

You will need cash or proven financing of approximately $4 million - $6 million per store location as well as a detailed business plan, a profit and loss statement, an in depth market analysis and will be asked to sign a formal application and disclosure form.

Please fill in all the fields before applying. Please write in "N/A" for all fields that do not apply to you or your experience.
Contact Person
Target Region
Only available outside of the USA & Canada
Hospitality Experience
Check all that apply:

Entertainment Centers (arcade, e-sports)

Nightclub experience

Bar experience

Multi-unit experience

Restaurant experience

Retail experience

Live Music experience

Supply Chain Management
Check all that apply:

Dealt with the supply chain in retail sectors

Experience with importation of goods into target country/region

Dealt with supply chain in F&B sectors

Had business relationships with existing vendors/suppliers

Franchise Experience
Check all that apply:

Owned or operated a franchised business

Owned/operated a franchise business in target country/region

Management Experience
Sales, Marketing, Promotional & PR Experience
Check all that apply:

Worked with an organization/company that gave you experience with sales, marketing, promotional or PR experience

Domestic Market Experience & Connections
Reasons Behind Your Interest in Dave & Buster's
Dave & Buster's Inc. requires background checks for all serious candidates and you will be asked to submit personal and financial information.

I confirm that I am willing to submit the above requested information as well as submitting to a background check.*

DISCLAIMER: No confidential relationship between Applicant and Dave & Buster's Inc. is to be established by the submission of this preliminary Franchise Application or materials related thereto or implied from Dave & Buster's’ consideration thereof, and the preliminary Franchise Application and related materials are not considered to be submitted in confidence. Furthermore, no legal or equitable relationship or obligation of any type shall be created between Applicant and Dave & Buster's unless and until Applicant and Dave & Buster's have entered into a written agreement signed by both parties.
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