Corporate Social Responsibility

Fun goes beyond the games and experience

At Dave & Buster’s, we live by and are committed to the culture pillars that have served us well for nearly 40 years.  We share our Founder’s Spirit by believing that passion, pride and drive make a difference.  We share a You Got It! Attitude so that when a guest or team member asks for us, we tell them “You Got It!”  We believe that Everybody is Somebody; new ideas can come from anyone, and we believe everyone can contribute to our success.  Last, we are Fun to Our Core because entertaining our guests and showing them a great time is in our DNA.  

In living our culture pillars, we also know having clear governance and accountability are essential to meeting our commitments to our key stakeholders: our shareholders, our guests, our team members and our communities.  We are committed to doing what is right, conducting ourselves with integrity and ensuring our actions follow the highest ethical standards.  We expect our team members do give back by investing their energies in our charities, being socially responsible, and protecting our environment.


We encourage our team members to give back to the communities we serve.  Although our Company invests time and treasure in many charitable causes, we have two main causes we focus our efforts to support:

Social Responsibility

Our core value of “Everybody is Somebody” requires that we do business in a way that promotes respect for all people. We will not do business with organizations that employ or condone unfair labor practices anywhere in the world.


We understand that supporting our communities includes being good environmental stewards.  We are committed to conducting business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.