I know. You’re thinking, wait… DAVE & BUSTER’S IS OPEN?! How have I not been back yet?!

Yup. We even had a bit of a glow up since last year.  We’ll get into this more, but let’s just say there is a whole lotta NEW!


As we are all re-adjusting to being around each other again and wearing pants with buttons, and other “normal” things, Dave & Buster’s is ready to help you get back out there! Get back to creating memories and having FUN again!

So, what have we been cooking up over the last year? Let’s start with revamping our menu.


After a year of failed at home cooking experiments, like that sour dough that didn’t come out quite right…


Dave & Buster’s culinary team has been relentlessly researching, testing, tasting, and drinking all new things for you all —they are truly passionate about their craft.

First up, new menu items!



The D&B culinary team starts us off on our new journey because, FOOD, duh. And they asked the BIG questions:

What do people WANT to eat?

It was time for the people of D&B to be heard. And we “listened” …and ate.

D&B chefs researched, cooked and perfected all-new recipes with all natural, fresh ingredients. Even when our D&B kitchens closed, they took their work home, voluntarily. Cooking in their own home kitchens for that “authenticity” factor (…looking at you, Executive Chef Dale Williams. Way  to overachieve.)

Their passion to get things just right in their kitchens as well as ours became the ultimate quarantine hobby. 

Was it worth it? Heck yes! The new menu is really good, you guys. 

Dave & Buster’s new menu features all natural, fresh ingredients, never-before-seen healthy options in an arcade, and fun collaborative cuisines the team made up because we gave them too much power.

Our NEW American-Inspired menu has, are you ready for this?

23 new mouth-watering food items

Yes, you heard that right. TWENTY-THREE. That means there’s something for everyone —even that one picky friend


Roasted Cauliflower
Giant Bavarian Pretzel
Korean Sticky Ribs
Fresh Burrata Mozzarella Bruschetta
Double Pepperoni Flatbread
Garlic Parmesan Truffle Fries
Shrimp Scampi Flatbread
Creole Shrimp Dip
Chimichurri Bowl
Southern Cobb Salad
Strawberry Shortcake
Grilled Steak Salad
Kale Caesar Salad
Mushroom Stout Burger
Philly French Dip
Crispy Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich
IPA Fish & Chips
Parmesan Chicken
Smokehouse BBQ Ribs
Voodoo Pasta
Big Daddy Chocolate Cake
New Wings & Tenders Flavors
Kids Pizza


But what is food without drinks?! Craig Richards, the D&B Beverage Specialist (and all around bev boss), is a big part of our genius culinary team! I mean… food and beverages go hand-in-hand. Food in one, a drink in the other. Amirite?  


If you’re like the millions of other “drink enthusiasts” who justified joining TikTok on this “newfound hobby” — this is the time to show you can make friends and dance outside of frame, in public. #liquidcourage


Our team, had a whole year to be their own bartenders, just like you! So we understand going back to another making/mixing your drinks up to your personal 2020 standards is important. None of that pre-mixed mess around here.


Craig came up with 3 all NEW cocktails with original recipes, house-made mixers, fresh-squeezed juices, cuz we fancy. We're also featuring one of my Summer faves, a shandy!

I mean… just  LOOK at those beauties:

Let the games begin!

You know what’s better than playing games with friends virtually? Hanging out with your friends, get this, IN PERSON!!! Yes, like actually hanging out. Let’s just leave zoom happy hours in the past, right?


Forget that dusty exercise equipment you bought and now listed on FB Marketplace. Throw in that bread-maker too. No one needs to know what quarantine activities you failed at, your secrets are safe with us. We wanna see you win.


Win in life. In front of your friends. Then gloat — like an adult. At Dave & Busters.




Dave & Buster’s game guru Kevin Bachus (and SVP of Entertainment & Game Strategy) brewed up SEVEN incredibly fun new games out NOW! And they are exclusive to Dave & Buster’s so you literally cannot play them anywhere else. Check it:


  • Minecraft Dungeons Arcade || (4-player)
    • the best-selling video game to date is here! As an ARCADE GAME!! Literally. This is the first Minecraft arcade game, and it is EXCLUSIVELY at D&B! And you can play with three of your BFFs IRL. You’re welcome.


  • Angry Birds Coin Crash
    • Stacks on stacks on stacks to make it rain with your angry, but favorite feathered friends! And your precision. We’ve taken your favorite coin-pusher games to new levels (literally, with TOWERS of coins!).


  • Vader Immortal: Lightsabor Dojo [Star Wars VR]
    • Out of the house and into a galaxy… far, far away. Virtually. That’s right! No need to reenact Star Wars scenes like George Michael in the Bluth's garage. You get to literally yield a (virtual) lightsaber and battle Darth Vader. This experience is “worth every penny” (…Arrested Development, anyone? No? OK.)


  • Hatchet Hero
    • We don’t know how axe throwing at a bar got so popular in the middle of a pandemic, but we DO know we don’t want a lawsuit (or your blood) on our hands. So we hatched up a fun, arcade alternative. All the fun of axe throwing without the trip to the ER!


  • Elevator Action Invasion
    • Ready to “shoot your shot” in an elevator? Make moves… as a spy? As sexy as that sounds, it’s way more bad ass: A first-person shooter game that really puts you in that world to take you to that next level. To shoot the enemy.


  • Terminator VR (Terminator: Guardian of Fate, Special Edition) || (4-player)
    • Terminator? I hardly know her! OK so this one came out last year, but we took our down time to release a new, special edition version of this Virtual Reality Game Experience! There are all new, never-before-played endings and more action than ever before, and I can’t get over how awesome it is.


  • HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS || (4-player)
    • You read that right! Dave & Buster’s came up with this genius idea 8 years ago, and we now have LIFE SIZE version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. *cue applause* This is a personal fave of the D&B team! We CANNOT WAIT to have you hop on for the ride!


So, yeah 2020 got us all nostalgic, reminiscing on the good ol’ days B.C. (see: Before COVID-19)


Also, we were hungry. Hungry enough to convince our beloved manufacture to bring our wild idea of riding life sized version of HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS to life!


We really went all out, guys. The Dave & Buster’s family is ready to welcome you back with fresh new fun!

So let’s get back to creating those winning memories TOGETHER again. Now that’s what I call DING DING DING.

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