Let's Talk Food

Let's talk food.

It’s something we all not only need (to survive!), but something we love.

Given the year the we had, your first dining experience back out in the world should not taste like a contactless delivery to your door. 


At Dave & Buster's, we know food is best when it’s authentic, fresh, hot, and delicious. That "relationship goals" feeling but with foodnot fake, cold, disappointing, or a struggle. But I digress!

TBH, cooking at home slowly became that 'I just can’t today' task [everyday], after working from home in 2020.

That is unless you’re part of the D&B Culinary Crew...

They are truly passionate about their work –and we love eating it 😋

Art Carl (VP, Culinary & Beverage R&D), Chef Dale Williams (Executive Chef), Carmen Morgan (Culinary R&D Manager), and Craig Richards (Beverage R&D Specialist) are our professional chefs / GREAT MINDS behind Dave & Buster's New and Improved Menu. And we guarantee it will not disappoint!


The flavors and variety, just...*muah*


Dave & Buster's all-new, mouth-watering options were crafted by the chefs themselves! There's plenty of quality options for all, like the Mushroom Stout Burger, Chimichurri Bowl... oooh, the Voodoo Pasta...the Garlic Parmesan Truffle Fries… the Korean Sticky Ribs... the Strawberry Shortcake 🤤🤤🤤

(Wait. Where was I...?)

Oh yeah. I legit struggle ordering at D&B, so maybe check out the menu before? Or do what I do: suggest ordering potluck style to try a bit of EVERYTHING! It's a nice lil' "buffet" at your table, with friends and fam. Everybody wins!

(But I do NOT recommend trying this solo.)

D&B's Pro Chefs really took their time (and off-time) to perfect recipes with fresh, made from scratch ingredients.

Our culinary crew is truly like a family. They’re not only passionate about cooking, they all have so much love and a long history with Dave & Buster's! Executive Chef Dale Williams started his D&B career cooking for our St. Louis location.  Craig Richards, Beverage R&D Specialist, also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Culinary team, including 5+ years of slingin’ drinks behind the D&B bar. Both traveled across the country, training other cooks, bartenders, and kitchen managers, supporting the culinary teams in the field, and opening up new store locations. Honestly,  THAT right there is what really brings that 'we really give a hoot' attitude that elevated and perfected the 2021 D&B Menu.

The idea behind our new direction really came to life for us after marinating (pun intended) on a statement, said by Art Carl:

“To be inspired you have to have a passion.”

Driven by their passion, the D&B culinary team willingly chose to be EXTRA productive during the pandemic –putting me, personally, to shame...yet motivated.

Dave & Buster's crafty chefs listened to YOUR feedback, researched, taste-tested, and broke it down to a science of the taste and technique for our new, inspired American menu vision!

Nothing pre-made. All 100% quality food. Yes…even at a place with games.



Let me break it down:

Dave & Buster's NEW Inspired American Kitchen came to the culinary team so organically, it became personal. They actually struggled picking their favorite ONE new dish when I asked.

Chef Dale’s response:
It’s like asking who’s your favorite child!

...and he’s right, it is a tough call for me and I'm just eating it.
(side note: they may be on to me taste-tasting every week for "research"...)

As a non-chef/semi-pro foodie, no one requested an opinion from, I recommend starting with THE FLATBREADS!!
(As meal or an app for the table. Dealer's choice!)

D&B not only has a delicious, new Double Pepperoni Flatbread but a savory, special spin on the classic ‘za…

Shrimp Scampi Flatbread Pizza

This is the magic that happens when you have imaginative, bold, and hungry chefs in the kitchen (instead of too many).

The tasty collaborative cuisine is a favorite to all Dave & Buster's, not just its culinary creators.

Story has it...

While creating and perfecting new menu, a couple of members from the team had a craving and turned to the ingredients on-hand that day in the D&B Test Kitchen. That hunger sparked the joint idea to add shrimp scampi on flatbread. And the tastebud gods cheered! Bellies were filled with happiness!! And I made up those last two lines for your attention! ...sorry. I wasn't there.

But FRFR, this impromptu chef-created dish turned out so well, it also quickly became a customer favorite!

*mic drop*

I should also mention that D&B not only re-imagined the menu with new chef-crafted creations, we re-designed the ENTIRE bar and kitchen.

New look, who dis?! 😏

It's a whole new vibe! You might feel like you’re at a clean, classy, kid-friendly casino. But with tickets, prizes, and NO gamble on fresh food, craft drinks or air quality!


What Dave & Buster’s really loves most, is helping YOU create winning memories. And after last year, we could ALL use a WIN! And all of us at Dave & Buster's are AMPED to welcome you back with our NEW and EXCLUSIVE upgrades made with YOU in mind, to bring us all together again! Not to mention… have you SEEN our NEW GAMES?!!


Also! Try the Garlic Parmesan Truffle Fries. I don’t know how I forgot to mention the best truffle fries I’ve EVER had. Seriously. Get them as an app, on the side, to-go...doesn't matter. They're incredible!

D&B chefs got that truffle-technique down to a T* –and I don't even know where that expression comes from. I just know I crave them daily, it feels right, and no other fries will ever taste the same to me again. You'll thank me. 🤝


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